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Le Belvedere Wedding Venue Review

December 02, 20236 min read
Le Belvedere is situated on a hill, providing you with a stunning and breathtaking view of hills, valleys, and the beautiful nature below.  .” 


Le Belvedere is a wedding venue in Wakefield, Quebec. It's both indoors and outdoors, and only 40 minutes away from Ottawa. If you want a nice view and friendly staff for your wedding, this could be a good choice for you and your spouse.

Here are 5 reasons why you should book Le Belvedere as your wedding venue!


Le Belvedere has two places where you can get ready for your wedding. The first one is at the top of the hill, closer to the wedding venue. It's a small cabin with a modern white interior. Inside, there is plenty of space with good lighting and seating, like you would find in a salon. This is perfect for your make-up artist to help you get ready for your big day. One of the best things about this cabin is its open concept design. There is a large white rug and a stylish wooden table, which is great for taking photos of your rings, bouquet, and other special details. When the table is moved, it becomes a nice spot to get dressed or have a special moment with your bridesmaids or father.

The second get ready location is at the bottom of the hill. This cabin is bigger and can accommodate up to four beds and has two complete bathrooms and an additional powder room. It even has a fully equipped kitchen and a front deck with a swing. I've heard that some brides choose to stay in this cabin after the wedding, as it's a nice retreat after the excitement of the day. What makes this cabin even more special is that one part of it has a white elegant vibe, while the rest has a cozy wooden cottage feel. It truly feels like home.


There are some really great places where you can have your first look photo shoot. All of the spots I mention in this section can also be used for your portraits. The first spot I want to talk about is on the far right of the venue, near the indoor ceremony area. If you go outside, you'll find a beautiful space with hills and greenery as your backdrop. I always go there when I come to this venue, and it always produces amazing photos, whether it's in the afternoon or evening.

Another great location for your first look at Le Belvedere is on the far left of the venue. This spot actually has two options. The first option is on a wooden deck surrounded by tall trees. This is a good choice if you don't want to be seen by guests who might arrive early. It's also a nice place to do your first look if your wedding is on a hot summer day, as the trees provide shade and keep you cool, especially if you're wearing a heavy dress. Another option in this same area is just to the left of the wooden deck, in an open space surrounded by trees. I discovered this space during a fall wedding, and it gave me some beautiful portraits. You can see examples of this in Kimly and Dannicks wedding at" www.northparkfilms.com. One of the most intimate places to have your first look is at the bottom of the hill, where the groom's cabin is located. If you want to be away from the venue and guests, the driveway leading up to the cabin is a great option. Usually, a bridesmaid would drive the bride down, and it only takes about a minute to reach the cabin from the bridal suite.


When people choose this venue for their wedding, they are amazed by the incredible view. The belvedere is located on top of a hill, which gives you a stunning sight of hills, valleys, and nature. During the ceremony, you might even see an eagle flying around. The ceremony space is unique, and it's best to see it in person, but you can get an idea from the video above. If it happens to rain, don't worry! Le Belvedere also offers a wonderful indoor venue option. It has been carefully designed to provide the same lovely view of trees, hills, and valleys through big windows that let in plenty of natural light.


Like the first look areas I mentioned, those are also perfect for doing your portraits with your spouse. But This venue is the gift that keeps on giving and there are definitely more opportunities for portrait sessions. The first one is near the cocktail area at night. Recently I’ve chosen to take some couples out and pop a bottle of champagne at night and its been a great experience and really gives you this after party celebration moment between the two of you with nobody else around. There's also twinkle lights in this area so at night there's so much opportunity for creativity. The next is for family photos but it could also be used for portraits if you really wanted to. After your ceremony due to everybody already being in that area I recommend doing your immediate family and bridal party photos under the canopy. This leaves people on deck with seating as they wait. Most wedding photographers will do it this way and its works out great every time. After the family and bridal party photos then I advise slipping away to do some portraits and usually with a timeline like this the bride and groom will actually have time to retreat to cocktail hour or if you want time alone some couples will also use this time to be alone. After dinner around 6:30pm to about 8pm you will usually get the sun setting below in the valley and behind the trees. I highly recommend taking 5mins to go out and get some magic hour portrait photos done. Even when the sun is not out this time of day is always a unique vibe that feels very intimate and peaceful


This venue is known for its great reception service. The reception area is a big open room with lots of windows. You can see nature and enjoy the sunset while people make speeches. After the sun sets and everyone is full, it's time to party at Le Belvedere. Whether you have a DJ or a live band, there is plenty of space to set up your dream party. What's really cool about this venue is the lighting in the ceiling. Most DJs bring their own lights, but Le Belvedere has colorful lights built into the ceiling that make the party atmosphere even more exciting. They also have speakers in the ceiling that reach outside if some guests want to continue the party by the twinkle lights or fire pit. This ensures that the party atmosphere stays constant wherever people go in the venue.

Vendors Who Make Magic At Le Belvedere

Cake: @serendipitycakesolivia

Decor: @sagedesignsevents

Music: @fresheventsottawa

Florals: @sagedesignsevents

Hair: @portraitsalon Candace & Trish

Make Up: @MakeupwithTL

Officiant: @merryfairyweddings

Officiant: @groundedceremonies

Photographer: @laurenphoto.ca
Photographer: @alizadworkind

Photographer: @melissatoyephotography

Photography: @lauraleephotography

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