Over the years I knew I had a talent for story telling but couldn't decide where I fit.

Filming weddings for me feels like the season finale of a show or a finals sporting event that had all this build up. People put so much time and attention into a relationship and being able to document the monumental moment they say I do is something I don't take lightly. I get hyped on peoples stories and everything that led to the wedding day.

My approach is to be non intrusive on a wedding day and to capture those moments where you didn't know I was filming. The authentic natural ones in between the poses and staged moments where you were being your natural selves. Every laugh, smile or random moment I aim to capture will be authentic and candid and you will know that when you watch your film.

My super power is evoking emotion and pulling it out of nowhere. I grew up in a small family so I think i feel things a bit more than others. I use this as an advantage to make wedding films that carry a story with high and low moments of emotion. I don't take myself too seriously and pride myself on just being a pleasant person to have around on your wedding day and deliver a timeless film that you will enjoy for decades. In the end your wedding day will fly by so my goal is to slow it down and help you relive every moment.

Why I Film Weddings & How I Do It

My Approach & Philosophy To Weddings

In 2023 my mother asked me why I filmed weddings. She asked in a more curious way because I think she knew I always aspired to be a filmmaker doing dramatic movies. I told her that seeing people the happiest they've been on one day and share with me why they love the person that they chose is something I can never get sick of. For me your story is what makes your wedding film timeless and unique so I try to focus on that more than all the decor. Its also about your legacy and how you came to be. To me shooting a wedding feels like the series finale or the super bowl event of a relationship. It's all the work that went into a relationship leading up to this one day.

Don't choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful.

- Harry Styles -

Damian was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we feel so lucky that he was available to film our wedding! He is incredibly creative, and a master of his craft. He truly made our dreams come true, and captured all of the most special moments of the day exquisitely. We will cherish our wedding video forever, and will always be so thankful for Damian and the hard work he put in to make it so perfect. We highly recommend snapping him up for your wedding before it’s too late!


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