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Me in a nutshell: Everything I do is for my family. At my core, I'm a father, future husband, brother, story teller, wedding videographer, and friend. And I absolutely love what I do.. 

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 Hey there! I'm Damian!

Over the years I knew I had a talent for story telling but couldn't decide where I fit. After college and an unpaid internship at Bell I was a broke college student searching for a purpose. That same year my sister was getting married and as a result I offered to shoot her wedding as I had nothing monetary to offer her. This was truly a blessing in disguise as I discovered the potential of filming weddings that day. Watching my sister that day made me emotional and it made me see how certain moments can make somebody feel. Till this day her wedding video still gives me shivers. Fast forward to today I strive to approach every wedding film as if it was mine or my sisters trying to evoke the same emotions I felt on that day.

Here's an excerpt from a beautiful bride at a Toronto wedding:

"Damian is the best! He was so easy to work with. They gave us suggestions for the day of so that he can capture as much as possible. When we received our video, we were extremely amazed. They literally caught everything. It was like we were reliving our whole wedding experience again."

I want you to have the same experience she had. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Don't choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful. 
- Harry Styles -

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I have an identical twin brother

Money Heist, The Wire & Nashville

Popeyes, Jerk Chicken and Bubble Tea 

Anything from the early 2000's (when life was simple)

Corona (with a lime) or a Manhattan on some ice

8 years as a wedding videographer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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