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Aquatopia Wedding Venue Review

December 17, 20233 min read

“Aquatopia has a party atmosphere like no other wedding venue in Ottawa. The DJ’s know how to read the crowd and the lighting from the ceilings creates an amazing atmosphere .” 

Aquatopia is a wedding venue located in Carp Ontario just 40mins from the main city of Ottawa. If you’re looking for a unique greenhouse wedding venue then I highly recommend Aquatopia

Aquatopia Wedding Venue Review

Here are 5 reasons why you should book Aquatopia as your  Ottawa wedding venue!


Aquatopia is a special greenhouse that doubles as a wedding venue. It has a distinct appearance with high ceilings, lots of plants, and sparkling lights that create a dreamy atmosphere for your special day. The cocktail hour area and reception space also have beautiful greenery. These spaces look just as stunning at night as they do during the day.


If you want a fun party atmosphere, go to Aquatopia. The lights and smoke machines hanging from the ceiling create a unique vibe that you won't find at other venues. It feels like you're at a fancy club with all your friends. And the DJs at Aquatopia are amazing. They know how to play the right music and keep the party going all night long. Trust me, you won't have to wait for the dance floor to get crowded at Aquatopia. The party is always going strong from start to finish.


Aquatopia is a great place for pictures and videos. You can take photos in front of the brush or the building outside, or next to the pond. Inside, you can use the ceremony and reception space. It's a good idea to have your first look or portraits before your guests arrive, so you have enough space and time without distractions. The cocktail hour space has the best lighting to avoid harsh lighting on your face during the bright times of the day.


At Aquatopia, you have various options for your ceremony. No matter what, you'll always have lush greenery as your backdrop, even in winter. I've seen the ceremony space arranged in two different ways, but there's also potential for other setups. The first option is a traditional setup with an aisle and guests on both sides. The second option is to have a large circle of guests surrounding you and your spouse, with you both standing in the center and exchanging vows. Both choices offer a wonderful view and atmosphere.


If you want to be comfortable and possibly save money, it's best to visit Aquatopia during early spring or the fall to winter time. During July and August, it can get really hot inside the greenhouse venue. However, the venue has big fans to help cool the area. Aquatopia looks beautiful both during the day and at night. For the best lighting, I suggest having your ceremony around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. This will give you a magical vibe for your portrait session, known as the "magic hour." Once the venue switches over from the ceremony to the reception, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the speeches and first dance under the twinkling lights and beautiful nighttime lighting. If you choose to have your ceremony in the late afternoon on hot months, you'll have good lighting but also cooler temperatures.

Weddings Shot At Aquatopia 

By North Park Films

Ryan + Shannon's Wedding Film

Florals l @aquatopia_weddings

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Emidio + Jordans Wedding Film

Alex + Ben’s Wedding Film

Venue: @aquatopia_weddings

Hair: @haironsecondavenue @laurakardoshair

Dress: @whitesatinbridal

Photographer: @ashleynotleyphoto

Videographer: @northparkfilms

Music: @luxeduomusic

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