There are many reasons I can point out why you need a wedding videographer for your wedding day but nothing hits more home than this story for me. After the ceremony and the reception the only thing, you will have left to remember your wedding are your wedding photos and wedding film. In 2018 I had the pleasure of filming my sister in laws wedding

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Why You Need A Wedding Videographer – Documenting What Matters

HoneyBook Review & Overview Want 50% off your first year of HoneyBook? Click this link and save $200! I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most organized when it comes to sending emails or documents on time to clients. Thank God for HoneyBook because this app keeps me in check […]

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HoneyBook Review & Overview

The Doctors House Wedding Video – Robin + Laura Robin and Laura met during cheerleading in high school. Laura’s friend asked her to go to a cheerleading audition and she thought why not. It was at that moment that she met Robin. This wedding was special because we really appreciated the depth of their love […]

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The Doctors House Wedding Video – Robin + Laura

Crystal Fountain Wedding Video Sammy and Zabeda met threw mutual friends at a wedding. Their relationship started with some Facebook conversations followed by an intimate date at the movie theatre where they watched Toy Story 4 (I applaud them for this 90s kid movie choice). The one thing we loved about Sammy + Zabeda is […]

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Crystal Fountain Wedding Video – Sammy + Zabeda

Aga Khan Museum Wedding Video Aga Kkan Museum is a perfect wedding venue for couples in Toronto that want something with great architecture inside and out. Pasha and Shaheena met threw a mutual friend at work. They began their friendship by just talking to each other casually. The cool part about this story was Pasha’s […]

The Wedding Filmmakers Journal

Aga Khan MuseumWedding Video – Pasha + Shaheena

Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding Video Paradise Banquet Hall is a great wedding venue for those that want a venue that has a ballroom look with some greenery for great photos. On rare occasions, we run into a situation where we only meet our couples on the day of the wedding (super rare as we don’t […]

The Wedding Filmmakers Journal

Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding Video – Ahmad + Asma

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