Your wedding venue is the foundation of your wedding event. While many people opt to have a wedding at a ballroom or indoor setting there’s something very scenic and unique with doing an outdoor wedding. After filming in Ottawa for 2 years here are my Top 5 Outdoor Ottawa Wedding Venues you should check out.

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Top 5 Outdoor Ottawa Wedding Venues

orchardview wedding

Megan and Matt met a long time ago threw friends but didn’t actually talk until later down the road when Matt left some of his belongings at a friends party. Megan had picked up the belongings and messaged Matt. They met up at Big Rig for a drink and the exchange of Matts belongings. After a fun afternoon together there official first date was at rock fest where they rocked out to Weezer and Atreyu (Megan’s favorite band).

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The Grande Hotel Wedding

If you are contemplating a first look I highly recommend doing one. Our Ottawa Wedding First Looks 2021 is a compilation of couples sharing a special moment of seeing each other before the ceremony. If you have the opportunity to do a first look I would. Its a moment to slow down the day and just have a intimate moment with your significant other in peace. The rest of the day everybody is around you so having this private moment can be special and something you will cherish for years to come.

The Wedding Filmmakers Journal

Ottawa Wedding First Looks 2021

Ottawa Wedding First Look

Cristina and Antonio met at a bar and locked eyes. After a few dates Antonio knew she was the one when he discovered her mutual love for pizza and music which is pretty much what Antonio is all about. Antonio and Cristina actually messaged me a few weeks before there wedding because the videographer they booked cancelled on them (what a guy) but that’s ok because we were meant to cross paths.

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Chateau Laurier Wedding Film

Matt and Ashley met at a dog park where the best man had introduced the two. In life and in family trauma Matt and Ashley have been together threw a lot and there relationship is strengthened and stood the test of time in the process. Filming this wedding I kept in mind the people that were present but also those that couldn’t be there with us.

The Wedding Filmmakers Journal

Le Belvedere Wedding Film

Shannon and Ryan met in an interesting way. The parents of the two actually introduced them as they worked at Carleton University and asked for there children’s assistance. It was from there the two began talking and went on there first date to Victoria Trattoria (Rip). When Ryan proposed he did it on a hike where Shannon apparently knew what was up.

The Wedding Filmmakers Journal

Aquatopia Wedding Film

Paddy and Krystal met back in 2012 during nursing school but actually only really started talking towards the end of there studies. This was another covid wedding where I only met the couple on the day of. However spending the day with them I got to see why these two mesh so well.

The Wedding Filmmakers Journal

Stonefields Estate Wedding

Meeting Bronwyn and Craig for the first time on the wedding day felt like I’ve known them for years. I knew from the moment I did a storytelling session with Craig that There first look was going to be special.

The Wedding Filmmakers Journal

Adelina Barn Wedding

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