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Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Course Review Was this review helpful? Use my affiliate code to support me 🙂 https://damianarmstrong70– Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Course has been essential in my rebrand process. This course is great for anybody that wants to create a brand and website that will attract and convert leads to sales. Kyle has helped me […]

Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Course Review

Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Course Review

Was this review helpful? Use my affiliate code to support me 🙂 https://damianarmstrong70–

Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Course has been essential in my rebrand process. This course is great for anybody that wants to create a brand and website that will attract and convert leads to sales. Kyle has helped me rethink my entire process when it comes to generating leads and creating a client experience that sells. I have done multiple courses online but this one is different and life-changing for any wedding professional.

Previously I had a brand where I didn’t know what I wanted to shoot. My logo, website, and colors made it seem like I did more corporate work. The goal with the rebrand was to establish a brand that would help me to establish myself as a niche (just shooting weddings) and attract more of the weddings that I enjoyed shooting. Ultimately this course helped in a big way, so much so that I wanted to share my experience with you guys and make suggestions on why I think it would be great for any wedding professional looking to level up there business. My first reason is the way Kyle Teaches the content

1.The step by step approach
Kyle keeps his course simple and to the point. He gives you the blueprint of what needs to be
done and gives you all the resources on how to complete each task. He often says this in the course but
he truly cuts out the fluff and gets straight to the point. His goal is to help you book more weddings
and he’s made a complicated system of many pieces easy to understand with clear instructions.

2. The SEO & Advertising Section
If you dont have good SEO or a good understanding of it this could hurt your business. Everybody
these days seems to have a course about just advertising or getting you more clients but this
is a section in the course and it hits different. Being somebody that has done a lot of post-education
I can vouch for Kyle Goldie’s course as being different in that regard.
You could have the greatest website of all time but if people can’t find you then what’s the point.
The SEO section of this course changed the game for me. I have always been at a loss when it comes to SEO and
ranking for google and this course just made that whole process super simple. Kyle explains how to do it
in detail and resources to help you achieve great results to rank better on google.

Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Course Review

3. The Facebook Group & Accountability
Another great addition to this course is the Facebook Group. This group consists of people who got the course
and Kyle himself who is frequently active in the group. Imagine you have a question from the course that you
are unsure about, being able to just reach out and have a blanket of people cover you with help and information
is priceless. Everybody in the group wants to help you and usually gives great feedback when you start making
changes in the course. Kyle has also designed the course in a way with goal setting strategies to keep you on course.
Theres sections that actually require you to print a workbook that you fill out. Writing down your goals just makes
it more official and this was something that stood out to me about this course.

4. Building A Brand & Website
My favourite part about this course was the branding side of it. My brand name, logo, website and overall message
completely switched up after this course. Your work can be great but if your branding looks cheap it may turn couples off.
Kyle made me see branding in a different light and just understand how to attract my ideal couples. Kyle truly has a way
of connecting with his couples and he helps you to do the same with yours. The website builder that he recommeds is showit and i highly
recommend it. The big boys are showit, wix and wordpress. Showit is great because of the templates that come with it. These
templates cater to wedding photographers and videographers. When you think about it this subscription will save you money
as finding a good website developer is expensive. Kyle walks you threw step by step on how to position your website to convert sales.
He tells you where to place everything and also tells you how to position your site for better SEO capabilities. This section alone made the course 100% worth it as it was a night and day difference for me when it came to finding my ideal clients. At this time of recording, I am on page 3 of Google which is not bad considering I’ve only been a brand since January of this year. Show it also comes with great customer service (shout out to Trevor) who is just the click of a button away to help you out. I cannot tell you how many times I have reached out for assistance and was never disappointed. Show it also has the addition of a WordPress
blog which is super important when trying to rank on Google

5. CRM & Email Templates
This is one particular thing that comes with the course but I think it’s of high value and worth mentioning. Some courses will charge extra for
email templates which are super important when it comes to working efficiently. Being able to have emails that are structured
and strategic for converting sales really helps my workflow and creates a great experience for clients. While we’re on the topic of emails
Kyle also offers a 50% discount to HoneyBook for anybody that purchases the course. HoneyBook is a client management software
that helps you manage your client emails, documents, and all that stuff. You can send brochures, contracts and have clients
pay online for services. This in tandem with Kyle’s email templates is another priceless combination that is well thought out. If you would like
more information on Honeybook to check out my video review down below.

6. Creating An Online Presence Where To Advertise

Aside from SEO knowing how to use Facebook, Instagram, and Google is super important to rank and find your potential clients. Kyle does a good job not just telling you how to advertise but also
where to do it. If you have ever tried to run an ad on Facebook you’ll know that there is a lot of options when it comes to targeting the right people. Simply put Kyle gives you the perfect blueprint to find your ideal couple by giving you the answers to what settings you should use.
He actually has a separate section in the course that touches on advertising on Instagram and Facebook alone. He talks about hashtags
how to position yourself on Instagram but also helps you present your profile in a way that will attract and connect with customers.

To make it short this course has been a huge help when it comes to me and my branding. I knew I wanted to rebrand for a while and once I saw this course I contemplated for a few months and finally took the dive and I’m glad that I did. If you are on the fence my suggestion is to do it. You need to look at it from the perspective that this course will cost you money but it will double what you invested. Having the right strategies in place for branding, advertising, and client experience is important and I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without this course. COVID kind of slowed down the progression train of what could happen but I can say that in the short amount of time of my rebrand my business drastically grew and I started attracting the right couples that fit my vision of the types of weddings that I wanted to shoot. I recommend this course to any wedding professional looking to take their business to the next level.

Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Course Review

Was this review helpful? Use my affiliate code to support me 🙂 https://damianarmstrong70–

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