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If you asked us we highly recommend the concept of first looks. Its an intimate moment you may not
get with a walk down the isle. Check out our blog post and a video of our
most recent first looks over the past few years.

Should You Have A Wedding First Look? Best Groom Reactions

Should You Have A Wedding First Look? Best Groom Reactions

Should you do a wedding first look? our short answer is yes. Watch our video Should You Have A Wedding First Look? Best Groom Reactions to find out why. When it comes to first looks vs the traditional walk down the aisle, there is a higher percentage of people who opt to keep it traditional and walk down the aisle for the first sighting of each other. As your Ottawa wedding videographer, we think first looks may be a good option for your wedding day. The best part about the first look is the fact that nobody is around for it. It’s a moment for you and your spouse to bask in each other and have an intimate moment alone. Right before the ceremony, your nerves are all over the place, and from our experience, most couples end up feeling more peace at mind when they see each other before the big event.

With that said you’ll be able to enjoy the moment of walking down the aisle without the nerves. Another reason first looks are great is what you’ll hear. Walking down the aisle you may see your hubby cry but between the organ, the loud crying baby, and everything else you may miss what he says when you walk up to him in all your glory. I have a story that may resonate or sway you into the potential benefits of doing a first look. 

Last year in July we did a wedding at The Doctors House (a beautiful Vaughan wedding venue). According to the photographer this was supposed to be the biggest wedding of the year for him and the bride also had high hopes as well. Unfortunately, it rained all day and it really left us limited as to what shots we were able to get.

With the disappointment in the air, the bride was upset and almost called off the first look. We knew she was upset but we also knew that she would appreciate this moment later on. Trusting our instincts we went on with the first look and we’re glad that we did. After the first look the mood changed drastically, the vibe in the room changed and it was a good uplifting moment before the ceremony.

Should You Have A Wedding First Look? Best Groom Reactions


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